ServerlessBench is a comprehensive benchmark suite for characterizing serverless platforms.

Serverless Benchmark Suite

ServerlessBench is a general, simple, and flexible benchmark suite for serverless computing, which intends to provide both serverless function users and infrastructure developers with key insights and helps them to understand their work more deeply.

Why ServerlessBench?

  • Serverless-customized metrics

    ServerlessBench evaluates various metrics in different aspects of Serverless computing, including performance, composition methods, and so on. It helps users to thoroughly profile and analyze serverless applications.

  • Diverse function languages

    ServerlessBench consists of functions writen with multiple languages, including C, Java, Python, NodeJS and Ruby. It enables the analysis of the characteristics of Serverless applications written by different languages. Moreover, it is convenient for different language developers to use.

  • Supporting different serverless platforms

    ServerlessBench comprises of workloads designed for open-source platforms (OpenWhisk, Fn) and popular commercial public cloud (AWS Lambda). Users can not only evaluate the complete process of a serverless application from serverless platform developers perspective, but also characterize serverless applications on commercial platforms from serverless computing users perspective.

  • Real-world applications

    ServerlessBench collects a set of popular real-world applications, representing the features of serverless applications in the real world.